If you or a loved one has been injured or even died in a car accident, then you or a family member has the right to file a car accident claim. We can help you in doing so. During the initial consultation, we will ask you about your car accident, the weather conditions, how it happened, driving conditions, etc. After collecting all this information from you, our car accident lawyer SAN DIEGO will investigate the car accident scene, take photos of your injuries and damaged vehicle, seek physical evidences, get police and doctor’s report, etc. Then we will send a fair settlement offer to the insurance company or the defendant to settle the claim. If they agree on the offer, it is fine, otherwise we will file a lawsuit on your behalf.

So, you can rest assured to receive a reasonable compensation either out of court or through the court with the help of our experienced and skilled car accident lawyers. No matter what legal questions you have, we will be pleased to answer them all. We take pride in offering outstanding client services to all our clients. We can manage the whole claim process for you from the start to the finish, no matter how complex it is. We can deal with insurance companies so that you do not need to. We can go to good lengths to effectively communicate and make sure that we always are available to reply to all your questions all through the whole claim process.