Following a car accident, anybody who has got injured can make claim no matter whether they were responsible for the accident or not. This includes the drivers of vehicles involved, pedestrians, passengers and cyclists. Although anybody injured in a car accident can make claim, the entity accountable for compensation will differ. Injured drivers can make claim for financial compensation for their losses from their no fault insurance policies. Everyone using the roadway has duty of care and attention to keep themselves as well as others safe from damages. Even if somebody else caused the car accident, other drivers, pedestrians and occupants of vehicles must do whatever they can in order to keep themselves secure.

Our car accident experienced team of car accident attorneys have solid system and established procedures. We understand the conflict and chaos our clients undergo after a car accident. Most cases include pain, lost income, rehabilitation, and a lot of uncertainty. Continuous care may be needed for injured person; so what once was a normal day is not possible any longer. Getting back to your old condition and new ordinary can need long-term medical assistance, lots of financial resources and too much time. If you’ve a case, we then can help you support financially until your car accident case is settled down. We are knowledgeable about precedent setting case and the ever changing laws that can affect positive results for our clients. So, don’t worry, we are readily available with our car accident lawyer SAN DIEGO to assist you always.